Bluma Blicher has been a beacon of support and dedication at the Wellness Center for the past five years, volunteering her time and expertise to make a difference in the lives of those undergoing cancer treatment. With an impressive 29-year career as a professional trainer, Bluma initially reached out to the center, moved by stories of individuals facing chemotherapy alone, offering to accompany them during their treatments. However, upon reviewing her resume, the center recognized her potential to contribute even more significantly and asked her to assist in the gym.

Bluma describes her experience as a volunteer at the gym as “extremely rewarding,” expressing that the fulfillment she gains from her role far outweighs the contribution she feels she makes. The gratitude she receives from those she helps reinforces the positive impact of her work, making the Wellness Center a remarkable place for her to share her skills. “I think I get more than I give,” she reflects, highlighting the reciprocal nature of her volunteering experience. For Bluma, the Wellness Center is not just a workplace but a community where she can see the direct impact of her efforts, making it a “wonderful place to work.”

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