Who we help

Everybody dealing with cancer

Cancer affects people differently.

Someone who has cancer doesn’t need the same type of support as a caretaker.

Similarly, an older single woman with cancer has different needs than a younger man with children.

That’s why we offer many different support options.

Adapted support

Facing cancer brings unique challenges, whether it’s a new diagnosis, recurrence, or life after treatment.

We provide specialized support for adults, parents with young children, their families, and young individuals impacted by cancer.

You've been diagnosed

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is often overwhelming. But you're not alone. Hope & Cope offers tailored support whether you're an adult living with cancer or a family navigating this challenge together. Discover how we can help you cope and thrive during this time.

You’ve finished treatment

After months of tests, treatments, and procedures, you’ve reached the finish line, only to discover that it's the beginning of a new life. If you feel anxious about the future, we can help you move forward.

You've had a recurrence

Discovering a cancer recurrence can be disheartening, and this unexpected turn may bring uncertainty. We're here to offer support, helping you navigate this new chapter with strength and resilience.

Children Living
with Cancer

While Hope & Cope does not directly offer services for children living with cancer, we recognize the importance of addressing their unique needs.

We recommend seeking support from specialized resources for young patients and their families, ensuring they receive dedicated care and guidance.

Continued support

We understand that being a caregiver for someone with cancer can be stressful.

We give you the space to talk about how cancer changes your life too. Find out how we can support you.

I am caring for someone with cancer

Caregivers play a vital role, facing emotional and physical demands while providing essential support. Our dedicated programs aim to ease the challenges of caregiving.

A loved one died from cancer

The death of a loved one from cancer is a difficult ordeal to overcome. We are here to help you get back on your feet and navigate the different stages of grief.

on the frontline

You manage treatment and medical care, but your patients need support. That’s where we can make a difference: we provide the comfort, support and knowledge to help them live better with their condition. 

We encourage you to recommend our free services to your patients. Let us help you, too.

Students & Interns

Hope & Cope is proud to welcome students in medical training to learn more about life with cancer and explore the psychosocial implications of the disease.

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