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Hope & Cope has been conducting research for over 30 years. We were the first volunteer-based organization in Canada to engage in scientifically valid, peer-reviewed, published research.

Under the scientific direction of Carmen Loiselle, Ph.D., Hope & Cope continues to be actively involved in several cutting edge projects that focus on the patient and family experience in cancer.

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Current Research Projects
Hope & Cope conducts research that makes a real difference in the lives of those affected by cancer. Our research areas are diverse, yet unified in their goal – to better understand the needs of individuals affected by cancer, how we best support them, and to develop innovative solutions to meet their needs.

Users’ perceptions of Hope & Cope’s cancer support programs

This study aims to explore participants’ views of Hope & Cope’s cancer support programs including Cancer Connects, Breast Friends, Cancer Exercise and Rehabilitation, Bros Club, Mourning Café, Mourning Walks, Caring for Caregivers, Living with Loss, Newly Diagnosed with Breast Cancer and future pilot programs – Prehab, Individual grief counselling, peer mentorship. By getting feedback from program users, we can adapt programming to their needs and preferences.

If you are interested in participating in this study, or would like more information, please contact the LoiselleLab Research Team.

Virtual Reality Study

Virtual Reality (VR) is an entrusted technology that is being recognized as an emerging therapeutic tool in the medical world. Palliative and hospice patients often express their desire to relive pleasurable memories of past travels and happy occasions. This study is integrating VR technology in palliative care at the JGH and documenting the impact of VR on patient experience in palliative care.

These efforts will provide evidence-based information on the possible benefits of virtual reality on patients’ quality of life. In addition, we are also exploring the medical and multidisciplinary team perceptions and experiences using the Virtual Reality technology in the palliative care setting.

Past Research Projects
From the start, Hope & Cope has always believed in the value of research and evidence-based programs. We partner with other organizations to do research, and we also conduct and publish our own research. Research is, and will remain, part of who we are.

Innovation at
Hope & Cope

With research comes innovation. Since the creation of the first support group for women newly diagnosed with cancer, Hope & Cope has never stopped innovating. From “Breast Friends” for women with metastatic breast cancer to the “Men’s Club” for men with cancer and “Caring for Caregivers” we continue to create programs that help people affected by cancer—no matter the stage of their journey.

Belong – Beating Cancer Together

We warmly invite you to join the Hope & Cope and CIUSSS du Centre Ouest’s Segal Cancer Center exclusive patient and caregiver closed community on the Belong – Beating Cancer Together app. This secure space offers a wealth of resources under “My Files” and groups for both patients and caregivers to connect and discuss.

Participation is voluntary and at your own discretion, providing a unique support network right at your fingertips.

Breast & Bone Health

Some women with breast cancer are at higher risk for osteoporosis, bone fragility and fracture due to the nature of their cancer treatments. From 2014-2017, Hope & Cope and the Segal Cancer Centre piloted a new program dedicated to promoting bone health in breast cancer.  This has been made possible through a generous grant from the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

The innovative Breast & Bone Health program was a team effort in which a physiotherapist and nurse worked together to navigate patients through research-informed activities to protect, improve, and care for bone health in an oncology setting.

In 2021, the program received the Excellence Award for Community Support and Innovation from the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

The program was led by Carmen Loiselle, Ph. D.,  and her team (Lapointe, J., Dalzell, M. A., O’Brien, S., Lau, G.J. & Ibrahim, M.). It covered areas such as awareness raising, education, exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle modifications. All of the tools developed through this program are available for downloading at!

Research Team

Meet our researchers. This dedicated team focuses on innovative cancer care research, enhancing our understanding of the patient and family experience. They’re not just researchers; they are pioneers committed to advancing peer-based cancer care and support.

Scientific Director and Board Scientific Advisor

Professor Carmen G. Loiselle holds a Ph.D. degree in Nursing and Psychology (Double Major) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. She is a Professor in McGill’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (jointly appointed in the Department of Oncology and the Ingram School of Nursing). She holds the Christine and Herschel Victor/Hope & Cope Research […]…

Lead in Research and Innovation

Meet Saima Ahmed, a passionate Doctoral Candidate in Experimental Medicine with a focus on cancer care. Her research interests include oral anticancer agents and digital health. Currently pursuing her studies at McGill University, Saima brings a wealth of academic and research experience to her role. As a dedicated Lead in Research and Innovation, we are […]…

Interested in participating in research?

Our mandate involves conducting research projects about our various services. If you are willing to be contacted in the future about any of these projects, let us know!

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