Community-focused initiatives aim to raise awareness, foster support networks, and mobilize resources for cancer care. Join us in creating a positive impact, whether through volunteering, participating in events, or spreading the word.

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We offer a wide array of programs tailored for individuals navigating the cancer journey, no matter what is your story. Explore our programs designed to meet your needs. Not sure where to start ? Contact us.

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Hospital Visits Program

Our Hospital Visits program ensures that if you're hospitalized during your treatment, friendly volunteers from our Hospital Visiting Team are available to offer comfort, companionship, and support. Dressed in teal blue coats, they're easily recognizable and ready to assist, whether you need a glass of water, a warm blanket, or someone to talk to.

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A better understanding of cancer and the grieving process help you overcome it and take control of your life. Find here online ressources or visit our physical library located on the 7th floor of the JGH

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Hope and Cope Radio Interview for World Cancer Day

Every year on February 4th, World Cancer Day aims to raise awareness for cancer and encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment. This year, Hope & Cope’s executive director, Rick Simoneau, and exercise program coordinator, Anh Thy Le Quang,  spoke on the...

Dream Team Leads the Third Annual “Give Hope a Hand” Bridge Tournament

by Brian Goodman Wednesday, February 7, 2024, has been marked in my calendar since I first joined Hope & Cope as a volunteer a few months ago. I have heard, from both staff and other volunteers at Hope & Cope, that...

Job Offer: Executive Assistant, Administration and Patient Resources

For over 40 years, Hope & Cope has been recognized locally, nationally and internationally as a model for volunteer based cancer support services. Hope & Cope is a non-profit organization that relies on over 300 volunteers and a team of professional...

Junior School Students Raise Funds for Hope & Cope

Last summer three students from Miss Edgar’s and Miss Cramp’s School (ECS) raised the tidy sum of $1,000 which they donated to Hope & Cope last November. The gesture is a reflection of the school’s values and highlights one of its...

Rick’s Holiday Message


The Million Dollar Team — A Story of Community and Compassion

Meeting Hope & Cope’s mission to support and accompany people with cancer would not be possible without the help of our donors. We’ve been fortunate to count Group Dorval-Sources-St-Henri as a staunch supporter. Since 2008, the team at Group Dorval-Sources-St-Henri has...

Hope & Cope’s Annual Gift-Giving Program Until the end of the Year

Every year, we reach out to people to donate beautiful new items that we can wrap and offer to our palliative care patients: toys (all ages), men’s and women’s gifts, household items, and cellophane bags to wrap the gifts. All gifts should...

Palliative Care Unit Holiday Gift-Giving Program

Once again, the Hope & Cope Palliative Care Team is organizing a heartwarming gift-giving program. For many patients, this will be the last Christmas or Chanukah they will spend with their families and it means so much to them not just...

Be a Million-Dollar Walker: Join Group Dorval-Sources-St-Henri’s 16th Annual Walk-a-thon, in support of Hope & Cope’s Exercise and Rehab Program

Over the past 15 years, Group Dorval-Sources-St-Henri has raised over $950,000 for Hope & Cope’s exercise and rehab program. This year, let’s get across the finish line and surpass the $1-million mark! The fight against cancer is not just about medical...

What Can Volunteering in a Palliative Care Unit Bring to Your Life?

The volunteers are extraordinary and do a lot of good for those who are ill. I was signed up to be moved elsewhere but asked to remain here.   — A patient in the palliative care unit of the Jewish General...

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