A wonderful way to contribute

Today, more than ever Hope & Cope needs your support.  Join us in making a difference in the lives of people living with cancer – organize a fundraiser and be the hope they need.

Craft, cook, dance… Go ahead and get creative in any activity that brings you joy, and be a part of our mission to provide ongoing support for those looking for guidance as they deal with cancer.

Let’s create a successful fundraiser

We encourage the community to conduct fundraisers for Hope & Cope and we help where we can.

Community support is an essential element of Hope & Cope’s continued existence.

See some fundraising ideas below and let us know about yours!

Fundraising Events

Hope & Cope holds several fundraising events during the year. Please contact us if you would like to partner with us and support our efforts.

Community Fundraisers

Create your own fundraiser and donate the proceeds to Hope & Cope. Let us know about it.

How this works

Step by step

Find some

Take inspiration from your past fundraisers or check out our ideas list.

your event

Below you will find some strategies to promote your fundraiser effectively.

Submit your

You can submit the funds you've raised online or in-person.

Get inspired


Fundraising ideas

Tips to promote your event

Tell your

Tell friends and family about your fundraising via email and social media. Share your fundraising page, if you have one.

Social media

Use social media to rapidly spread news about your fundraising. Tag @hopecope_mtl on Instagram or Hope & Cope on Facebook so we can feature you as well.

the word

Create posters and flyers to promote your fundraising. Ask local shops to display them.

Partner with businesses

They can offer freebies or come and sell things the day of the event. It can be a great visibility opportunity for both parties.

Celebrate your success

Share your fundraising achievements with local newspapers. Let them know about your activities and the amount raised.

Submit your proceeds

We’re deeply grateful for your fundraising efforts. They provide invaluable support for those facing cancer and their loved ones. Submitting the funds is easy, let’s see the options!


You can donate the funds through a dedicated page that we set up for you. Simply call us to let us know the details.

In person

Feel free to bring in your fundraising total in person at the Wellness Centre. Let us know in advance so we can take pictures or videos and let our community know about your generosity.

Thank you!

Organize a fundraiser

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