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We invite you to enter the relaxed, peaceful and home-like setting of the Hope & Cope Cancer Wellness Centre. Here you will discover many diverse programs and activities to help you live well with and beyond cancer.


Your journey begins here!

The Wellness Centre is managed by Hope & Cope staff with the assistance of cancer-experienced volunteers. Course instructors and specialists graciously donate their time and expertise to help develop and teach a variety of classes and programs.

Membership is open to anyone who is currently undergoing treatment or who is up to 2 years post-diagnosis. Give us just 1 hour of your time and we’ll get you started on your personal path to wellness!

on the path to wellness

Exercise is one of the best things you can do to feel stronger, more energetic and more positive both during and after cancer treatment. Our unique Cancer Rehabilitation and Exercise Program is designed to help you regain as much strength, balance and flexibility as possible and to cope with some of the side effects of treatment such as fatigue, nausea, swelling, pain and reduced physical function.

Our team will be happy to recommend activities that are safe and right for you. Registration and a complete physical evaluation are mandatory.

Fitness Studio

We offer a wide range of activities in our bright and spacious fitness studio. These include yoga, tai chi, qi gong, dance classes and more!

Equipped Gym

The gym is supervised by volunteers, under the guidance of the Cancer Exercise and Rehabilitation Program team.

At Home Exercise

Our physiotherapist and exercise physiologist will provide you with a careful assessment and a personalized exercise plan that can be completed at home (or in our fully equipped gym)

Has your appetite been affected by cancer treatment? Are you confused by all the conflicting reports about which foods are good for you and which should be avoided? Do you want to try recipes that are easy to make, nutritious and delicious?

We can help you navigate through all your questions. Our Nutrition Program, developed by an experienced cancer dietitian, includes: Healthy cooking (Weekly classes in the Wellness Centre’s fully equipped demonstration kitchen) and lectures on specific cancer nutrition topics (e.g. Basic Nutrition for Cancer Patients).

Our nutrition resources

If you have cancer, or are caring for someone who has been diagnosed, you may feel as if your thoughts and your life are spinning out of control. Our specially designed The Art of Coping program is a highly effective four-part workshop that will provide you with practical strategies for coping not just with cancer, but also with everyday stress. You will even have the opportunity to practice the skills you learn. The program is held monthly, with one-day workshops and refresher courses offered a few times per year.


Immerse yourself in positive imagery with our visualization classes. Guided journeys of healing and resilience become mental sanctuaries, empowering stress management throughout your journey.


Discover serenity in our guided meditation classes, mindful breathing and meditation techniques, that provide a powerful stress-relief tool, fostering inner peace throughout your cancer journey.


Unwind and release tension with our relaxation classes. Tailored for those facing cancer, these sessions offer a gentle reprieve, promoting balance and calmness amidst life's complexities.


One of the best ways to manage stress is to move. Whether it's yoga, tai chi, or other gentle techniques, let movement help you get a handle on your stress.


Achieve peace of mind and physical well-being through Reiki, a Japanese method of channeling energy that promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and encourages the body's natural healing abilities.

Coping Skills

Our specially designed The Art of Coping program is a highly effective four-part workshop that will provide you with practical strategies for coping not just with cancer, but also with everyday stress.

Creative arts can be a revealing way of coming to terms with the complicated feelings, thoughts and emotions that often accompany the cancer experience. It can be art therapy, painting, jewellery-making, writing, singing in a choir, or a combination of these activities. We invite you to explore our creative art programs. Our classes are taught by volunteer instructors who create a welcoming, non-judgmental environment.

Open Art Studio

Find your inner peace and learn to express yourself with painting, drawing, collages and a lot more.

Voices of Hope

Share the magic and joy of raising your voice in song together with other cancer survivors.

Jewellery 101

Learn to make your own bracelets and necklaces. There is a small charge for materials.


Join us to understand why so many people find knitting to be such a pleasant and relaxing pastime.

Wigs Program

Hope & Cope is proud to offer wigs at no charge to cancer survivors. We have a database of all our wigs, where you are able to choose the wig you want. Arrangements are then made for this wig to be picked up. We also provide free cotton turbans which can be picked up at the same location.

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