Hospital Visits Program

Our Hospital Visits program ensures that if you’re hospitalized during your treatment, friendly volunteers from our Hospital Visiting Team are available to offer comfort, companionship, and support. Dressed in teal blue coats, they’re easily recognizable and ready to assist, whether you need a glass of water, a warm blanket, or someone to talk to.

During times of hospitalization, the presence of a compassionate companion can make a significant difference in a patient’s day. That’s where our Hospital Visits program steps in. Our dedicated volunteers, identifiable by their teal blue coats, are trained to provide not just comfort and companionship but also the emotional support that patients deeply need during their hospital stay. Whether it’s fetching a glass of water, providing a warm blanket, engaging in meaningful conversation, or simply offering a listening ear, our volunteers are there to make your hospital experience less daunting.

Beyond immediate comfort, our visiting team serves as a bridge to the broader support services offered by Hope & Cope. They are equipped with information about our various programs and can guide patients in connecting with the resources best suited to their individual needs. This integrated approach ensures that patients not only receive the care and support they need while hospitalized but also have access to a continuum of care through Hope & Cope’s comprehensive support network.

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