A serious collector with a passion for art, Earl Pinchuk found a unique way to volunteer for Hope & Cope. Convinced that art contributes greatly to physical and mental healing, in 2002, Earl and his husband, Gary Blair, established the Art for Healing Foundation. “Our mission is to transform the drab walls of hospitals and other healthcare settings into warm, inviting spaces.” To achieve this mission, he set about convincing artists and art collectors to donate their original works to the Foundation.

In 2017, in conjunction with the Wellness Centre’s 10th Anniversary, Earl presented his idea for a special project – a spectacular collection of masterpieces by noted Canadian artists such as Alex Katz, David Hockney, Goodridge Roberts, Alfred Pellan, Philip Surrey and David Sorensen.

Earl proudly dedicated this collection to the memory of his mother, Miriam Bidner Pinchuk, who died of cancer in 2016 and whose photo is displayed at the Centre. In addition to being one of Hope & Cope’s longstanding donors, Miriam was a friend of our Founder, Sheila Kussner.

“Art is a tonic for the soul,” insists Earl.  “I enjoy sharing my passion with people who can benefit from art the most, from the patients themselves to the healthcare teams. It’s my way of making a small, positive difference in the world.”

Clearly, the contributions of Rick, Frank and Earl are exceptional. Their stories illustrate that while volunteering can take diverse forms, the goal is the same – accompanying our neighbours, families and friends on the road to health and wellness.

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