Rick’s message: thank you to all, and an upcoming project (2023-09-13)

Hi, it’s Rick for the week of September 11 with a couple of announcements.

First, a big shout out and thank you to everyone who joined us last Wednesday, for our open house and 16th anniversary celebration of the Wellness Center.

We had a pretty good turnout, north of 125 people. It was a mix of volunteers, clinicians, staff, etc. We had a terrific day, lots of activities, and we were able to showcase some of the programs and events that we put on a daily basis are at the Wellness Center for our patients.

These programs are very valuable to their recovery and path to wellness. So, again, a big thank you for everyone who turned out and we look forward to next summer’s open house as well.

Secondly, this past Sunday, even Mother Nature couldn’t dampen the spirits and enthusiasm we experienced at the 16th annual Group Dorval-Sources-St-Henri  walk-a-thon.

This is the 16th year they’ve been doing this walk-a-thon. And although we don’t have the final tally yet, we expect that with this year’s donations, we will surpass the $1-million mark over the course of those 16 years.

These donations help to fund Hope & Cope’s exercise and rehabilitation programs at the Wellness Centre. They are key to the recovery and well-being of all of our patients who use those facilities.

So again, a great big thank you to everyone who showed up, including our friends at Group Dorval-Sources-St-Henri.

Finally, if I say VOBOC, does that mean anything to you? Maybe Google it, check it out, and stay tuned for an upcoming collaboration between Hope & Cope and VOBOC.

Thanks and have a great week!

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