La Soirée Papillon: a resounding success

Gratitude, tribute, and celebration.

Those were the themes of the Soirée Papillon.

An evening celebrating Sheila Kussner’s legacy as founder of Hope & Cope.

She changed the way we treat and support people with cancer.

She gave hope to tens of thousands of people through her tireless efforts.

And, she built an endowment fund that will ensure the survival of Hope & Cope for years to come.

In her speech, Sheila expressed her gratitude…

… to her family …

… to long-time friends …

… to the donors and loyal supporters for over 42 years …

… to the Hope & Cope volunteers and staff …

… to the healthcare professionals …

… without whom none of what she has accomplished would have been possible.

In return, Sheila, we say “Thank you” for all you’ve done for the cancer community.

Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today!

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