Annual Report 2019


CHALLENGE, CHOICE and OPPORTUNITY – these are three of my favourite words, and I use them often when I refer to Hope & Cope. We have a long history of facing challenges, adapting to change, making good choices and finding opportunities for reinvention and strategic reflection.

Five years ago, the Board identified succession planning as our greatest challenge but also as an opportunity for new leadership and new ways to meet the needs of the next generation of donors, users, staff and volunteers. Leadership transition started with my retirement as Executive Director and the passing of the baton to Danielle Leggett. We are now preparing for the retirement of our Founder, Sheila Kussner. Yes, Sheila is, indeed, retiring next summer!

We will be hosting a Butterfly Ball in her honour on August 25, 2020. Save the date in your calendar now – it will be a sell-out event! The Ball will mark the start of Hope & Cope’s 40th year as a nationally and internationally recognized cancer support organization – a truly remarkable achievement. Over these years, we have helped countless thousands of people when they needed us most. Sheila has been our guiding light, mentor and principal fundraiser all these years, but she has always been the first to say that she did not and could not do this alone.

We have the wonderful opportunity to keep Sheila’s vision alive and thriving for our children and grandchildren. The Board has initiated a Legacy Campaign to ensure Hope & Cope’s future and we invite you to be part of it. All gifts, big and small, make a profound statement. Your gift will reaffirm your belief in our mission of helping people cope with cancer and in the importance of ensuring that Hope & Cope remains a vital part of our community for generations to come.

On behalf of the Board, thank you for your ongoing support. Let’s accept the challenge of keeping Sheila’s legacy going strong and let’s get out our dancing shoes for the Butterfly Ball next August!

Suzanne O’Brien

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