Caring for Caregivers: A New Support Group for Caregivers at Hope & Cope

“A lot of caregivers feel very alone. They often think that they’re the only ones feeling this way.”

That’s how Olga Szyncel, Hope & Cope’s wellness support program coordinator, explains the decision to create a support group dedicated to caregivers.

She noticed the need for caregiver support while participating in existing support groups. Caregivers expressed the desire for a dedicated space where they could voice their fears, doubts, struggles while empowering one another by sharing their strengths and various coping tools. Often times, caregivers find themselves needing as much support as the people they care for – if not more.

Caring for Caregivers provides that much-needed space. It is a space dedicated to caregivers where they can exchange experiences and support each other. A facilitator will ensure conversations flow smoothly. The facilitator may provide tools and share their expertise, but the focus is primarily on valuable exchanges between caregivers.

If you are a caregiver and would like to attend, we invite you to register by calling the Wellness Centre at 514-340-3616.

The first English session is July 13 from 12:00 – 1:30 PM.

The first French session is July 27 from 12:00 – 1:30 PM.

What You Need to Know

Caring for Caregivers provides a dedicated space for caregivers to share their struggles and receive support. It is an open discussion, not a workshop or a teaching session.

It happens in-person at the Wellness Center with plans to make it hybrid.

You register online or by phone if you want to attend.

Weekly attendance is not mandatory. Come when you can.

You can attend both French and English groups.

  • English support group: The second Thursday of every month, starting July 13
  • French support group: The fourth Thursday of every month, starting July 27


Is the support group virtual or in-person?
Currently, the support group is in-person with plans to make it hybrid. If conditions allow, we could meet in the garden.

How does the registration process work?
You can register by calling the Wellness Centre’s front desk at 514-340-3616. Registration is required to attend the group.

Can I register for both the French and English groups?
Yes, you can attend both groups.

Is attendance required for every session?
No, there is no obligation to attend every session.

What happens if I feel the need to leave during a session?
You can leave if you need to. We have dedicated spaces for relaxation, puzzles, and the Wellness Centre manager is available for support.

Ready to Help?

We have room for you!

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