A Very Special Book Launch—Repairing the World: Sheila Kussner and the Power of Empathy

The evening started with a standing ovation.

There was a speech by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as well as The Right Honourable David Johnston.

One hundred fifty close friends gathered to celebrate a woman who has impacted the lives of thousands of people.

On Monday, May 1, people at the Ritz Carlton attended the launch of Repairing the World: Sheila Kussner and the Power of Empathy, a book that recounts the life of Sheila Kussner.

If there was one theme that was overheard throughout the evening, it was empathy.

Sympathy is saying that you feel someone’s pain. But empathy is understanding someone else’s difficulties and being willing to help.

That’s been Sheila’s mission through the creation of Hope & Cope, changing the face of treatments for patients with cancer and improving the lives of countless individuals.

She cares deeply about other human beings. She never forgets birthdays, successes at work, or anything that should be celebrated in life.

If Hope & Cope has flourished for over 40 years, it’s because of Sheila’s involvement. At almost 91 years old, she has not slowed down. She is making sure that Hope & Cope remains for another 40 years—and more.

Sheila’s legacy will not be forgotten soon. It’s a legacy of compassion, caring, and commitment.

Her energy is contagious. She keeps people laughing with her sense of humor. But most of all, she shows how we can care for others.

Her fire doesn’t dim with age. If anything, it burns brighter than ever.

Repairing the World: Sheila Kussner and the Power of Empathy is now available. Get your copy at McGill’s Paragraphe bookstore or any other book retailer.

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