My name is Rebecca, and I have been a Hope & Cope volunteer for over 22 years.

My journey with Hope & Cope began when I was a patient myself following a diagnosis of breast cancer.

I took advantage of all the services that were pertinent to my needs from Hope & Cope, which included social work support and the support of several volunteers.

I was quickly matched with two lovely women who had had breast cancer a couple of years before me. We were of a similar age and life experience, and having their support and speaking to them was extremely helpful to help with my anxiety and my fears.

These two lovely ladies came to visit me shortly after my surgery, and that was a great source of comfort.

Mainly, I have been volunteering as a peer support buddy over the years, but I have also co-facilitated several groups for women who’ve been newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Currently,  I am taking part as a co-facilitator in one of the groups, and I hope to do more of these groups down the road.

I feel I can make a difference in someone’s life, even someone as far away as California.

—Rebecca Alter

I’m also exploring volunteering within the hospital itself. I retired last summer and was looking for some activities where I could contribute some of my knowledge and skills. Hope & Cope came to me right away, and I made the contact, so that is where I am today.

How has volunteering changed my life?

I’ve been a volunteer in various organizations since I was in my late teens. I’m currently volunteering and active in several other organizations.

Hope & Cope is very dear to my heart, as you probably can imagine, given my own personal experience and wanting to give back to the community and to other women.

My most memorable moment as a volunteer?

When I think about memorable moments, it’s mostly just knowing that I can make a difference in someone’s life. Talking to them and giving them some support, sharing some of my own experience, being a good listener, and being nonjudgmental—that has been rewarding for me.

I feel I can make a difference in someone’s life, even someone as far away as California.

I look forward to continuing to volunteer at Hope & Cope.

Would you love to make a significant difference in someone else’s life? We’re always looking for wonderful volunteers who, like Rebecca, have lived the cancer experience and want to help other people with cancer. If that sounds like you, apply today to become a volunteer.

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