My name is Jayamali Ahangama. Everyone calls me Mali because my name is a little too long.

I am from Sri Lanka, and I came to Canada in 1996. I’m married and I have 3 kids. I’m a happy mom, an enthusiastic, hard worker, and a friend to patients, family—to everyone.

I can sing—not in English but in Sri Lankan.

I never get stressed. I don’t put any stress on myself or my family. I’m a very calm person.

My career

My career started in a medical clinic. I worked as an Administrative Assistant taking care of all the clinical duties. 

After that, I applied to the JGH where I was hired in the radiation oncology department. My journey started on November 22, 1999 and I worked there until recently when I decided to apply at Hope & Cope. Let me explain why.

When I started in radio-oncology, it was all new to me because I came from Sri Lanka. It is a different experience here.

In the medical field you meet very different people. Sometimes you see someone with very different characteristics, different feelings, but when you see them repeatedly, you get to know them quietly.

This is especially true in radiation oncology. People come for radiation treatment for 10 days, 20 days, 30 days and you get to know them well. When you see them every day come into your department, you develop a nice bond with the patients and the family as well.

So as I continue my journey in radiation oncology, I really like the fact that I can be part of their family and their medical journey. Sometimes they go beyond the treatment to tell their story, their medical life, their family life.

Why I chose Hope & Cope?

In my work, I was always moved by the volunteers. Their help is priceless, but they just consider themselves as helping others. They give their time to patients and their family, which I really appreciated on their part.

It got me thinking, “Why not change my career a little bit further to a different department, different management, or different site?” That’s when I thought of applying at Hope & Cope.

At the radiation oncology where I was working, I saw that Hope & Cope offered tremendous services for patients. I thought that since I am always willing to help patients, why not give my contribution to Hope & Cope to see what I can do for patients, families, and friends?

How I can help you

When you come to the hospital, I have resources to help you.

For example, if you need a wig, I can show you our inventory and how to go about getting one. Come see me to find out which ones are available, which colour you like, the length, and the style. You have many options to choose from. I can help you fit and take care of the wig. We can also reserve the wig that you like.

If you need transportation information, I will be able to help you. And upon recommendation from our psychosocial team, I can also provide some taxi tickets.

When you come to the hospital and when I see you, I am so happy to help you and give you all the information that you need. And if I can’t help, I will find the resources for you to make your journey easier. That way I know I helped someone and I made someone happy today.

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