I’m Linda Hébert, a proud volunteer with Hope & Cope.

I share with you my story, my passions, my why.

Why I chose to volunteer with Hope & Cope.

Hope & Cope’s mission is to reinvent hope. That’s what attracted me.

These words made me want to be part of this organization.

My work is a work of the heart, the head and the soul.

I have three mandates. The first in the hematology clinic, the second in the oncology clinic and the third, most recently, is to run a support group for our newly-diagnosed breast cancer patients.

I’m passionate about these three mandates. I have the opportunity to be present at one of the worst moments in someone’s life.

Here, all our patients are important.

— Linda Hébert

It’s not complicated.

I can be the smile.

I can be a good listener.

I can be a moment of happiness.

I can inform.

I can be compassionate.

I can talk.

I can listen.

I can say “How are you?” and wait for the answer.

But above all, I can welcome them. Welcome to our team.

Here, all our patients are important. It touches me and warms my heart. All our patients are important.

And all along their cancer journey, we volunteers have the opportunity to be there for them.

Wear the turquoise coat, go for a walk, say “Hello.”

And to support the doctors, technicians, administrators and the organization itself, in their mission to reinvent hope.

What a great mission.

Come join us. It’s life-changing.

Listening, passion, heart, hope.

Si l’histoire de Linda vous inspire, nous vous invitons à vous joindre à notre équipe de bénévole. Changez votre vie en changeant la vie des autres.

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