Bro’s Club

The Bro’s Club is a dynamic support group for young men aged 18 to 39 impacted by cancer, offering monthly meet-ups filled with fun, support, and connection. Whether you’re navigating treatment, post-treatment, or supporting a loved one, join us for a chance to bond with peers who truly understand your journey.

This unique group convenes monthly in a relaxed and informal setting, providing an ideal backdrop for members to engage in enjoyable activities while forming meaningful connections with others who can relate to their experiences. Each session is designed to offer a blend of entertainment, support, and the opportunity for open dialogue, all aimed at empowering members to better navigate the complexities of their cancer experience. With locations varying each month to keep the meet-ups fresh and engaging, the Bro’s Club is more than just a support group. It’s a community of young men committed to supporting each other through every step of the cancer journey.

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