Olga Szyncel

Wellness Centre Support Program Coordinator

I’m Olga Szyncel, the Wellness Centre Support Program Coordinator at Hope & Cope.

I graduated from Concordia University with a degree in Specialized Applied Human Sciences. My academic journey at Concordia University provided me with the framework to pursue an internship in a field that truly spoke to me.

At first, my professor hesitated at the complexity of my internship choice. But I was determined. I had big dreams!

I strongly believe that helping others, building meaningful bonds with people, and creating mutual support systems provide a sense of purpose in life, thus confirming that this was the right path for me to follow.

So my journey began.

I spent a lot of time at the Wellness Centre. I still remember the last day of my internship. It was a day filled with emotions. I knew then that this place had carved out a special spot in my heart.

It was clear to me: the end of my internship could not mean the end of my association with Hope & Cope. So, I decided to volunteer by facilitating support groups for patients and caregivers.

Life then decided to take a bit of a detour: I moved to Italy, came back to Montreal, got married, and had a baby girl.

Following, I was offered to return to Hope & Cope as the Wellness Support Program Coordinator. My decision was effortless. I was honoured.

So I am back as the newest member of the Wellness Centre of the Hope & Cope family.

Our goal at the Wellness Centre is to offer a safe haven for people impacted by cancer—and their caregivers—to share, learn, and gain support from one another. My mission is to offer innovative support activities and programs carefully tailored to best address the needs of our participants.

In addition, I am determined to encourage people to embrace in-person activities once again, shifting away slowly from the life we knew during the pandemic.

To those who prefer the comfort of staying at home and watching on a screen, I always say this: “There is no way to replicate the comfort of a hug or the empathy of putting a hand on someone’s shoulder. The energy exchange that happens in person is something that can’t be done virtually.”

I believe in empowering people and providing them with tools to help them along their journeys. Humans are incredibly resilient. There is so much strength within us that we aren’t always aware of.

We are more capable than we think!

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