New look has Hope & Cope connection

Thanks to Hope & Cope volunteer Heleena Wiltzer, volunteers throughout the Jewish General Hospital are sporting a new look, modeled here by volunteer Beth Stutman.

A long-time volunteer and donor to the hospital, Heleena has always been proud of her association with the JGH and with Hope & Cope, where she is a member of our hospital visiting and palliative care teams. So when she was invited to a meeting to share her thoughts on how to show appreciation to volunteers, she immediately came up with the idea of updating their uniforms. “Volunteers are an incredible asset – I really wanted to help them shine,” says Heleena.

Relying on her contacts in the apparel industry, she took charge of the entire project, from consulting with designers at Mark Edwards Apparel to come up with a modern design and more comfortable fabric to finding a supplier to arranging for shipment and delivery. Heleena and her husband, Edward Wiltzer, also took care of payment.

Not surprisingly, the feedback from volunteers has been great. Doctors and nurses have taken notice as well, commenting on the beautiful colour and design. “Volunteers are happy to wear these chic new coats This was a really fun project,” concludes Heleena.

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