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In mid-April, 24 Trustees and members of our Executive Advisory Committee gathered for a four-hour strategic retreat to chart a course for a sustainable future for Hope & Cope. Guided by facilitator Annie Tobias, the process was rooted in identifying the values that have always been and will always remain part of our organization’s DNA.

The strategic plan that will be developed as a result of this retreat is anchored by two main goals:

1) To develop a business and funding model to ensure fiscal stability, focusing on a longer time horizon while simultaneously acknowledging immediate and short-term needs.

2) To maintain an impactful Hope & Cope defined as: a wide reach while serving each individual in a caring, meaningful and personalized way; uncompromised quality and value of our programs and services, bolstered by evidence-based research; nourishing and respecting our unique culture of volunteerism; transfering and sharing the Hope & Cope brand, our accumulated knowledge and experience within the field of psychosocial cancer care; and continuing to take a leadership role in developing innovative programs and services.

Marlene and Joel King, Co-Chairs of Hope & Cope, were pleased with the outcome of the retreat and the commitment of our leadership to keep this organization strong. “Hope & Cope has absolutely proved its worth and we will continue to provide the very best support for every age and every stage of cancer.”

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