Tell Cancer to Take a Hike – exciting new fundraiser is back for a second year and we want YOU to be part of the action!

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Launched in March 2018, Tell Cancer to Take a Hike is a unique fundraiser that featured three (3) components – a climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, a series of hikes in and around Montreal called Kili chez nous, and a one-time hike in Stowe, Vermont called Kili chez Stowe. In 2018, more than 100 enthusiastic participants and sponsors collectively raised over $550,000 to support Hope & Cope!

You are invited to be part of the action as we launch the 2nd annual Tell Cancer to Take a Hike 2019 campaign to benefit Hope & Cope.

We offer three ways to challenge yourself:

1. Kili chez nous: Stay close to home and discover the beautiful mountains and breathtaking scenery in Montreal and surrounding regions of Quebec. Sign up here:  Kili chez nous

2. Kili chez Stowe: Participate in this one-day celebration with Montrealers who have homes in Stowe,Vermont and hike the magnificent mountains neighboring our border. Sign up here: Kili chez Stowe

3. Mount Kilimanjaro: Head out to Africa and embark on the adventure of a lifetime as we Climb Mount Kilimanjaro and take Hope & Cope to the top of the world – a ten (10) day, transformative journey! Sign up here: Climb Kilimanjaro

Listen here as Tell Cancer to Take a Hike Vice-Chair Alice Lehrer talks to CJAD’s Aaron Rand about the importance of cancer support and the rewards of participating in our hikes:



Hike Schedule and Locations

 Whether you live to hike or you are more of an occasional hiker, you are in for an awesome experience! Each and every hike will be fun, challenging and rewarding, with breathtaking scenery and incredible team spirit. The satisfaction of knowing that you are helping cancer patients with each step you take will make the experience that much more rewarding. All of our hikes will last anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours each, and will appeal to novices and experienced hikers alike. Your safety will be paramount, with first aid available on every trail.      

May 26, 2019 Family Day Hike, Mount Royal

 Kili chez nous 2019  starts with a very special Family Day Hike on Sunday, May 26, open to all ages and fitness levels. Proceeds will support our wonderful En famille program that helps families cope with cancer. You won’t want to miss this kick-off hike!

Sunday, July 14, 2019, Mont Tremblant

Hike to support Hope & Cope`s exercise program, which helps patients regain strength, balance and flexibility to better cope with the potentially debilitating side effects of cancer treatment.

Sunday, August 25, 2019, Friendship Month Hike, Val David

Celebrate  Friendship Month by hiking with friends to support Hope & Cope`s one-to-one peer mentoring program. Offered to newly diagnosed cancer patients, this service helps allay patients many questions and concerns.

Sunday, September 22, 2019, Ivry-sur-le-lac

It`s Family Health and Fitness Month! Hike to support Hope & Cope`s CancerFightClub program for young adults and young families living with cancer.      

Saturday and Sunday, October 19-20, 2019, Lake Placid, N.Y.

Join us for this very special weekend getaway! With every step in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you will help sustain Hope & cope`s Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Support Group and Breast Friends, for patients diagnosed with metastatic cancer.

Our commitment to your fundraising goals

Our Commitment to YOU

When you commit to the hikes, you join our Hope & Cope family, and as a family, we help each other. We are here for you every step of the way to help you make the big ask to achieve your fundraising goals.

Successful fundraising starts with your passion and your belief in the cause.

Start by asking for your first donation today!  Think of the individuals you can ask who are more likely to support you, like your family, friends, and colleagues.  That first donation will start the momentum.  You can do it!

Don’t procrastinate – the sooner you begin, the easier it will be to reach far beyond your goal.


  1. Kili chez nous participants have an individual goal of $1,500 or a household goal of $2,500.
  2. Kili chez Stowe have an individual or household goal of $1,000.
  3. Individual climbers participating in the Kilimanjaro Climb have a minimum goal of $6,000.


List the names of all the people in your life and don’t leave anyone out.  You will realize that you know a lot of people.  Think wide!  Think outside the box, outside of the usual suspects (i.e. hair stylist, school principal, accountant, dentist, doctor, personal trainer, etc…)!

Fundraising Tips

Feel free to share your past hiking experiences and why you are committed to Tell Cancer to Take a Hike.  Inspire your donors to help you reach your goal.

 The best practice is to follow up with everyone a week after your initial contact to secure a donation if they haven’t already donated online.  Remember, your friends are busy, so don’t hesitate to remind them.  Keep your donors engaged with an update on your progress.  


Expand your giving network

Social media is a great tool for sharing your story, recording your progress, raising funds and thanking your supporters. So get social!

Post to Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter. Don’t forget the hashtags: #kilicheznous, #kiliclimb #tellcancertotakeahike, #hopeandcope.  Tag your family and friends.

Reach out to family and friends and ask them to distribute donation forms on your behalf to their contacts to support your hike.

For larger asks, the best approach is face-to face meetings.

Set your goal high.  If you are close to achieving your goal, consider raising it even higher. Remember that you have until the end of 2019 to raise funds for Tell Cancer to Take a Hike.

Keep it fun, keep it fresh and keep it simple!

If you are affected by cancer, the Wellness Centre is YOUR community resource! Come visit us.

Wellness in mind, body and spirit
Ten years ago, in July 2007, Hope & Cope kicked off a glorious Montreal summer with the opening of the JGH Hope & Cope Wellness Centre – Quebec’s first hospital-affiliated cancer wellness centre.
Why did Hope & Cope establish a Wellness Centre?
More people are living longer after a cancer diagnosis than ever before. However, some treatments can have side effects that affect quality of life. The time was right to create a place where we could help patients and caregivers focus on living well, in mind, body and spirit, during and after cancer treatment.
Do I have to be a patient of the Jewish General Hospital to use the Centre?
No. The Wellness Centre is open to cancer patients and survivors from all hospitals in the Greater Montreal area…and beyond.
What is unique about the Hope & Cope Wellness Centre?
  • It is the only hospital-affiliated cancer wellness centre in Quebec.
  • It offers a fully equipped exercise room on the premises, supervised by a physiotherapist, an exercise physiologist and cancer-experienced volunteers.
  • It is the only wellness centre in Quebec to have an integrated research program.
Is there a cost to use the Wellness Centre?
Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Wellness Centre’s services are free of charge. Donations are always welcome, and tax receipts are provided.
How do I join the Wellness Centre?
Registration is essential. On your first visit, a member of our professional team will meet with you to learn more about your goals and to develop a wellness plan that is best suited to your needs. Call 514 340-3616 to schedule your registration appointment.
I am a caregiver. Can I use the Wellness Centre’s services?
Yes. We know that when a family member has cancer, everyone in the family is affected in one way or another. That’s why many of our programs are offered to caregivers as well, with some exceptions.
A part of the community
The Wellness Centre is a community effort, realized thanks to many generous individuals who believe that it is both possible and desirable to live well with and after cancer. Affectionately referred to as “Lou’s House”, in tribute to the memory of Lou Adler, the Centre is managed by Hope & Cope staff with the assistance of cancer-experienced volunteers. Course instructors and specialists graciously donate their time and expertise to help develop and teach a variety of classes and programs.

“Hope & Cope’s mission in 1981, and our mission today, remains the same: to provide cancer patients and their families with the knowledge, tools and resources to cope with all of the ramifications of cancer. We listen to their stories, we assess their situation, we give them a voice, and we develop and refine our programs and services in response to their needs.

All of this may seem obvious today, but back then, patients did not really have a voice. The doctor suggested the treatment plan, the patient complied and few questions were asked. The psychosocial needs of patients and their families were rarely, if ever, addressed.
Hope & Cope was a pioneer in one other very important aspect: our insistence on relying on trained, cancer-experienced volunteers, who work under the guidance and supervision of professional staff. We knew then, as we do now, that the wisdom of the lived experience is powerful.”

Excerpt from remarks by Sheila Kussner, O.C., O.Q., C.O.M. Founder and Past Chair of Hope & Cope, accepting her Honourary Doctorate from the Faculty of Nursing, Université de Montréal, November 4, 2010

Since its founding Hope & Cope has helped thousands of patients live well with cancer. We are recognized far and wide as a pioneer in supportive, evidence-based cancer care.

Thanks to our active research program, we continue to present our work at national and international conferences and to publish our results in peer reviewed journals.

Fundraiser Tool Kit

This is your one-stop resource centre where you will find e-mail templates and thank you notes that you can personalize to all your contacts.

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