Meet our Executive Advisory Board

The composition of Hope & Cope’s Board includes new members who bring fresh perspectives as well as veteran board members who provide vital historical knowledge and experience of the organization. Members are chosen for their expertise and leadership in community service and philanthropy, business, finance, law and marketing. Former Board members who served faithfully for many years are invited to sit on the Board of Trustees.


Current Board Members – 2019-2020

  • Suzanne O’Brien, Chair
  • Dr. Gerald Batist, Director, Segal Cancer Centre, Jewish General Hospital
  • Deborah Bridgman, Hope & Cope Volunteer and advocate for young adult patients
  • Joy Bultz, Community Volunteer
  • Lesli Green, Communications Specialist
  • Sal Guerrera, President, SAJO Construction Inc.
  • Joel King, Immediate Past Co-Chair, Hope & Cope
  • Marlene King, Immediate Past Co-Chair, Hope & Cope
  • Hena Kon (Recording secretary)
  • Sheila Kussner, O.C., O.Q., C.O.M., Founder, Hope & Cope
  • Nan Lassner, Community Volunteer, Fundraiser
  • Danielle Leggett, Executive Director, Hope & Cope
  • Alice Lehrer,Occupational therapist (retired)
  • Carmen Loiselle, Ph.D., Scientific Director, Hope & Cope
  • David Martz, Management Consultant
  • Mihaela Simona Rosu, CIUSSS Finance Department
  • Timothy Schiavi, Financial Adviser, Sun Life
  • Roslyn Slawner, President, Hart Resource Development
  • Howard Stotland, Entrepreneur (retired)
  • Ida Teoli, Volunteer Management Council, Hope & Cope
  • Sylvia Vogel, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Entrepreneur (retired)
  • Evelyn Wajcer, Educator


Volunteer Management Council

The Volunteer Management Council is a leadership body comprised of experienced volunteers and staff. The committee meets several times a year to review and revise administrative policies and procedures as they relate to volunteer roles and responsibilities and program management.


Past Presidents

  • Serena Black
  • Brenda Blatt
  • Lucy Fazio
  • Barbara Knobovitch
  • Jessica Miller
  • Susan Polisuk
  • Ida Teoli
  • Joan Ungar
  • Jeannette Valmont
  • Phyllis Waxman
  • Nancy Wiseman