Answering the call

Our 2016 Annual Review is out and we are pleased to share it with you!

In these pages, you will find numerous examples of people who answered the call and in many cases, who made the calls, as volunteers, as cancer survivors, as caregivers, as ordinary people moved to organize events, to raise funds, to do whatever it takes to help people live well in the face of cancer. You’ll meet volunteers who go the extra mile, providing special touches like home-made biscotti, high tea, musical interludes and hand-crafted blankets. You’ll read about Hope & Cope’s efforts to re-engage our volunteers, who are the heart and soul of our organization. You’ll learn about passionate, dynamic individuals of all ages and ethnic backgrounds who raise funds because they understand that because cancer strikes without discrimination, it is incumbent upon all of us to answer the call.

Read all about it here: Answering the call

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