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Hope & Cope supports people living with cancer. With the help of a professional clinical team and trained peer volunteers, we offer the tools and friendship to help you feel better and less alone.

Everyone is welcome, whether you have cancer or you are caring for someone with cancer. We offer our services for free, through the generosity of our donors and the community.

You can find us at the Segal Cancer Centre of the Jewish General Hospital or the Hope & Cope Wellness Centre.


Hope & Cope aims to be a guiding light for everyone affected by cancer. We are recognized as leaders in peer-based cancer care and support. We keep researching and sharing insights to improve the lives of people with cancer. Our strong ties with the Segal Cancer Centre help us provide the best evidence-based care. We stay ahead by working with other groups and academic organizations focused on cancer support.


Everyone upholds the highest standards of personal and professional integrity.


We trust and respect each other. We foster a climate that encourages mutual respect.


We are committed to being an open and responsible steward of funds.


We are open to everyone living with cancer, including family, friends, and caregivers. Equality, diversity, and inclusion are core to our values.


We are prepared to challenge conventional wisdom and promote excellence.

Hope & Cope, established in 1981 by Sheila Kussner, O.C., Q.C., O.C.M., has been a beacon in cancer support and care for over four decades.

Hope & Cope was the first in Canada to pioneer the concept of peer support in a hospital setting for cancer patients.

Affiliated with the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, Hope & Cope has grown into a nationally and internationally recognized non-profit with over 300 volunteers.

Under Sheila Kussner’s visionary leadership, Hope & Cope has achieved many firsts in Quebec, including

  • The first peer-based support model in Montreal
  • The first young adult support group in Canada
  • The first hospital-affiliated wellness centre in Quebec
  • The first psychosocial oncology chair in Quebec

Our journey began at a time when cancer was a taboo subject, and we’ve since evolved into a leader in providing compassionate, evidence-based care and support for all stages of cancer, focusing primarily on living well with cancer.

Our Hope & Cope Impact Report is an annual summary of the organization’s actions. It highlights the generosity of our community and tells the stories that make it such a special place. Don’t hesitate to read more about our commitments over the past few years.


Our team is composed of professionals with expertise in social work, nursing, kinesiology, physiotherapy, and more. They provide volunteer training, program direction, evaluation, management, research, innovation, and continuity. They support our compassionate, cancer-experienced volunteers that provide the majority of our programs and services.

Carmen Loiselle, Ph.D.

Scientific Director and Board Scientific Advisor

Marcelle Kecman

Wellness Centre Manager

Olga Szyncel

Wellness Centre Support Program Coordinator

Jayamali (Mali) Ahangama

Executive assistant administration and patient resources

Hinda Goodman

Oncology Program Coordinator

Rita Galluccio

Data Analyst

Saima Ahmed

Lead in Research and Innovation

Judy Bridgwater-François

Oncology Support Program Coordinator

France Sznajer Brat

Administration and Donor Services

Anh Thy Le Quang

Exercise Program Coordinator

Sandy Lipkus

Radiotherapy and "En Famille" Coordinator

Rifka Hanfling

Palliative Care and Bereavement Program Coordinator

Nadia Smirnow


With our emphasis on multi-disciplinary, whole person care and a research program that has helped to validate the effectiveness of our approach, Hope & Cope has a track record of filling well documented needs in cancer survivorship care.

We are proud to partner with major foundations, corporations and local businesses whose values align with our own and who want to have an impact on the greater Montreal community. We deeply appreciate the support of our partners in helping to ensure continued access to the outstanding programming offered by Hope & Cope.

Thank you for your wonderful support!

In 2007, the Hope & Cope Cancer Wellness Centre opened its doors. It provides a dedicated space to hold wellness activities, peer support groups, and educational sessions.

The calm and homey atmosphere makes it ideal for people seeking solace and comfort.


Hope & Cope’s governance structure includes our Executive Advisory Committee (Board of Directors) and our Administrative Committee. All Board members, management, staff and volunteers meet the highest standards of personal and professional integrity.

Scientific Director and Board Scientific Advisor

Medical Advisor

Programs / Events

Programs / Advocacy

Governance / HR

Finance / Events

Legal / Events

Events / Volunteer representative

Governance / Fundraising

Governance / HR

Past Chair


Foundation CEO


Patient / Volunteer representative

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